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Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off #6

A while back I entered THE FIRST RULE OF ADVENTURING into a contest called the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off.

I'm one of 300 self-published novelists who entered the contest, assigned to one of ten different review blogs, each blog to advance one finalist.

TFRoA ended up at the Critiquing Chemist, a blog wherein the blogeress (thanks, Hank Venture, for this wonderful word) and her four colleagues split the 30 novels evenly amongst them with the goal of finding five semi-finalists within the blog.

I'm excited to say that as of four cuts, I still remain with 17 other novels, vying for the 4 remaining semi-finalist spots. Whether that's because they haven't gotten around to me yet, or because I'm advancing and they're spacing out their announcements, I can't say. But, I'm nervous and excited to see where I end up!

Regardless of the outcome, I'm stoked that I'll be getting a read and blurb on their platform, and am impressed with the lengths that the team at CC has gone to to showcase and critique even the novels did not enjoy.

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